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Right Message

Right Audience

Creating compelling copy is key to successful marketing.  Before you can tackle that, you need to have a strategy and target audience, though.  No matter where you are in that journey, I can align your message to the right audience to see results.  

Hi, I'm Loren...

Savvy Strategist.  Content Creator.  Brand Builder.  

With over a decade of experience in marketing and communications strategy, I have built brands from startups to large companies, for those in the private and public sector, and in various industries.  With this wealth of experience, I have learned how to quickly scale products and brands and find the best way to message values and offerings to the right audiences.  

I specialize in strategy -- without that as the foundation and guide, you'll end up with random one-off campaigns or ideas that never amount to awareness or revenue.  I can tailor an integrated strategy to include social, web, email, collateral, and PR all working together to tell your story to the right people.  

I'm a Pittsburgh girl with hometown roots, but spent half of my professional career in Washington, DC and received my MA in Strategic Public Relations from The George Washington University. I also have clients in Dallas and Austin, Texas.  I can blend the local story with national appeal to attract new business and enhance your brand.  

Let me develop your strategy, create your content, and build your brand. It's time to challenge the status quo and become a market differentiator.  


My Services



Strategy drives your blueprint of success and all marketing and communications activity.  I'll understand your business, industry, and unique offering-- then develop a strategy for you.  I'll measure and adjust it as I test and learn along the way.  



I can write for different platforms and make sure that your website copy, email campaigns, blogs, and social media all work to strengthen one another, not cancel each other out or go against.  Your content will be relevant for each platform and audience in a cohesive manner.



I can write copy for all properties that you own and control to help tell your story, but I also strongly believe in the power of earned media.  I can pitch your story and brand to the right outlets and get people engaging with and knowing you, and then telling others.  It will build your credibility and enhance the other marketing efforts.  

Case Studies

case studies
Doctor Examining CT Scan

Health IT

A technology company with a patented model that leverages AI and real-time location services, needed a B2B marketing strategy and rebrand of their product and company.    

Construction Workers


A construction trade association lacked member engagement and awareness of issue platforms by the public and Congress.  A public relations and advertising campaign helped drive the issue to front page attention.  

Doctor with Computer Marketing


A healthcare technology company needed a B2B and B2C marketing strategy for both providers and patients with a focus to build the sales funnel.  

Marketing Communications Strategy


A non-profit with an established brand decided to build a private high school that was different from their known brand.  They required an enrollment and awareness plan along with a brand strategy to differentiate from what people knew about the non-profit.

Contact Me

Let's connect and talk about a marketing and communications strategy to help you stand out and get ahead of the competition.  

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