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Family & Personal Growth


Wings to Rise above Divorce

Finding Forgiveness, Redemption, and Renewal during Turbulent Separations

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Are you navigating divorce or separation? 

This book will show you how to...


The lies you’ve believed about relationships, yourself, and others


The truth that God says about relationships, you, and others


The promises that wait for you when you follow God to a better life


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No matter where you find yourself—in a lacking marriage, separated, or divorced—you can find the hope for a better future, not in your own strength but with the power that comes when God reaches down and lends you his wings.

Each chapter consists of biblical stories and lessons to heal from or avoid divorce, reflection questions to personalize and connect deeper, and a prayer to encourage and give you hope.

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"As a life coach and coordinator of support groups at a large non-denominational Christian church, I have witnessed the positive change in perspective and outcomes when people turn to God during difficult times. Wings to Rise above Divorce outlines the ways we can become deceived and misled by misconceptions about God, ourselves and our circumstances which can lead us away from God and the truth. I believe this book will be a valuable resource for those going through separation or divorce and as a tool for professionals working with couples and will recommend it to my clients. I wholeheartedly agree with these sentiments shared by the author, “whether you are hurting in your marriage, separated, or already divorced, may you find comfort and healing in your journey of renewal. Seek wisdom from the only one who can make sense of what you’re going through—God.”

-Jackie Eppler, MAOL, MPH

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